Hey guys! I’m finally (mostly) back! Work has been absolutely insane (over 40hrs a week and up to 21hr shifts) so I cannot promise to be consistent with my postings, but I do promise to try my absolute best. Thank you for your patience through all the crazy that has been this blog the past few months, it is most appreciated. And without further ramblings, I give you: Fallen.



I had bought Fallen from a Amazon recommendation while it was on a sale, and figured I would try it out. The cover was beautiful and engaging (and made me want her dress most desperately). Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed in the book as a whole, and since it is a series, I do not think I will read the continuations.

Lucinda Price (Luce for short) was sent to a reform school after her participation in a mysterious fire that killed the boy she had been just talking to.  Once here she makes a few fast friends and runs into  Daniel Grigori, a boy who seems hauntingly familiar to her, but who also seems to have taken an instant dislike to her. Luce is determined to get to the bottom of it, despite having also captured the more willing attention of the equally handsome  bad boy Cam. Further investigation reveals to Luce information which is dangerous to her life- should she survive.

I had a few problems with this book. First is how predictable it was. It begins with a prologue that more or less sets up the big reveal, followed by not so cleverly hidden clues that were so obvious to me that it was almost an insult to not have it revealed. Spoiler content to follow in white, highlight if you don’t mind reading: The title (Fallen) combined with the reading of Paradise Lost plus the discovery that an ancestor of Daniel’s with the exact same name wrote a ok dedicated to Luce including a picture of their identical twins were thy alive centuries ago all but spells fallen angels. 

The characters (with a few exceptions), where very one dimensional and could be placed very easily and predictably into their respective categories. The main love interest was the same as they always are: drop dead gorgeous to the point that no one else compared, the right amount of sugar and spice, and of course so in love with her he couldn’t be with her so he doesn’t hurt her. The supporting characters (Arriane, one of her first friends especially) seem to actually have more depth than Luce, which is vaguely frustrating.

While there are some interesting things included, such as the fact that their gym was in a remolded church and the discussion of Paradise Lost by some of the characters, this book was rather lacking in the new take of a cool idea. This would be a good book to recommend to younger readers (late elementary to early middle) rather than young adults, where it may not seem so obvious.


Book Cover / Book Title – 1.5/2  
Writing (Style, Technique, Quality) – 1/2
Characters  1/2
Plot – 1/2
Ending –1/2
Overall, this book receives a  5.5/10

4 thoughts on “Fallen

    • If you’ve limited time, I would definitely suggest reading other things. If life ever slows down and you’re bored, try it out and let me know if your opinion differs from mine. I wouldn’t put it at the top of the list though.

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